The Red List Group


It’s time to host the hottest up & coming drag racing/show event series of the year!

We hope that your business will join the fun as a sponsor of this event as we provide a fun family friendly show and safe venue for people race at the track while keeping them off the streets.

The excitement is growing daily as plans progress. Local automotive related groups, clubs, media and businesses are teaming up with The Red List Group to bring this world class racing and show event to the track as we continue to celebrate the rich car and racing culture of the US. There will be music,  food, multiple types of vehicles, and media from a whole array of car culture backgrounds. The types of vehicles you can expect to see participating in the show or racing in the competition on the drag strip are Domestic, European, Japanese, Exotics, and Classics. The Saturday event will begin at with the National Anthem then the most famous words of all of motorsports, “Drivers, start your engines!!!!”. Racing event participants will be competing for Grand Prize money and trophies while show participants will be competing for trophies only. With your help and sponsorship— it will be one day of epic motorsports celebration!